…and who am I?

Every morning she gets out of bed, I feel like I can finally breathe, like something as big as a watermelon, has been lifted off of me. Sometimes I am crushed like a bug, between the back of the bed and her, I feel broke, dismantled, abysmal, but all I can really do is endure. … Continue reading …and who am I?

It’s Not a Race

For the past few years, I have been on a constant streak of losing friends. Not to fights, not to difference of opinions, not because we just drifted away, but because they are all moving away from me. They are moving cities, and I cannot do anything about it but accept the fact and live … Continue reading It’s Not a Race

Greed or Ambition?

The human race is esurient, isn’t it? Human beings are one greedy breed of living organisms that never seem to have enough. We always want more. Disclaimer – these are only personal thoughts and not meant to offend anyone. Let’s discuss – On one hand, we are urged to be ambitious. We are told that … Continue reading Greed or Ambition?


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